Shockwave Therapy (EPAT) Service

Shockwave Therapy (EPAT)

  • Pressure Wave Energy

    Reduce High Tension Pain

    EPAT is a highly efficient treatment technique that involves the application of high-energy sound waves to target painful regions of the body. It is one of the most advanced and highly effective noninvasive treatment methods cleared by the FDA. The treatment works by helping to improve the regenerative potential, enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue.

    EPAT also known as Shockwave and Pressure Wave Therapy can successfully address acute and chronic pain such as: knee pain, heel pain, foot pain, ankle pain, hamstring pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain and hand pain. It is also used to address sports injuries and many painful conditions.

    EPAT treatments do not leave scars, requires no anesthesia, and has no down time. Immediately following the procedure most people are able to get on with the rest of their day. People suffering from tendinopathies, which exhibit a reduction of mobility due to pain caused by movement, can benefit from shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy is becoming a common option for pain treatment due to it’s non-invasive, simpler, faster and safer qualities.

    Shockwave therapy is great for pain management as it reduces inflammation. EPAT can help treat painful conditions like frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis. The treatment uses acoustic pressure waves–basically shock waves—to enhance blood circulation and speed up the healing process.

    Beneficial effects are often experienced after only 1 or 2 treatments and there is no downtime. The non-surgical therapy for pain eliminates pain and restores mobility, thus quickly improving patients’ quality of life.

    Who is this for:

    Patients suffering with chronic tendon disorders such as Achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis, or lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), who do not respond well to traditional treatments, could find relief through this innovative treatment method. Moreover, shockwave therapy may be suitable for individuals seeking alternatives to invasive procedures or those wishing to avoid prolonged rehabilitation periods associated with surgical interventions.


    One notable benefit of shockwave therapy lies in its ability to enhance the regenerative capacity of afflicted tissues. Studies indicate that shockwaves promote the growth of new blood vessels in areas with poor circulation, which enhances tissue healing by providing essential oxygen and nutrients while eliminating harmful waste products. Additionally, shockwaves have been discovered to stimulate the body's own stem cells, leading to increased tissue regeneration and repair. Furthermore, the therapy's ability to reduce inflammation and inhibit pro-inflammatory substances contributes to its effectiveness in alleviating pain.

    What to expect:

    Our therapist typically commences with an initial assessment of the patient's condition and identification of the affected anatomical region necessitating intervention. Once the evaluation is complete, our therapist proceeds to administer focused acoustic waves onto the target area using a specialized device.

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