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Holistic Care in Urological Disorders, Regenerative Medicine, & Anti-Aging

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California Wellness Institute

Holistic Health Restoration Medical Practice

At California Wellness Institute, our goal is not only to help you get healthier, but also to become a lifelong partners in doing so. Here, you’ll always enjoy a friendly, inviting environment where you’re free to ask questions, share your health concerns, and learn about new ways to improve your health.

Our healthcare facility offers personalized health and wellness support to individuals seeking to reduce degenerative disease. Each patient is unique and requires tailored care therefore, CWI provides personalized treatment plans based on comprehensive assessments of their medical history, lifestyle, and specific needs.

California Wellness Institute’s founder, doctor Eugene C. Rajaratnam, believes that patients can achieve optimal health during every phase of their lives. Dr Raj believes that health and healing can be accomplished by following an interdisciplinary approach that examines and eliminates factors that contribute to a patient’s problems.

Dr Raj and his team of highly trained providers, combine traditional clinical practices with cutting-edge advancements to offer a multidisciplinary approach to wellness. Under one roof, patients can conveniently access comprehensive services that address their diverse health concerns. CWI focuses on innovative treatments designed to help you look and feel your absolute best.

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  • Health & Wellness Institute

  • California Wellness Institute offers innovative, patient-focused, anti-aging medical care to help you achieve your ideal aesthetic and wellness goals.

  • Coming Soon! Palmdale Surgery Center

    Palmdale Health and Wellness Center

    Palmdale Health and Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with 21st century technology. It will function as our one stop medical office, surgery center, recovery center, birthing center, urgent care, rehab, laboratory, and pharmacy.

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