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Losing weight safely

We follow your body’s
natural methods of losing weight

  • What We Do

    No-Risk Weight Loss

    • High Nutrient Diet

      Replenish your body and mind with a nutrient rich diet.
      Benefits: Energy, Mental Health, & Lose Fat!

    • Light Daily Exercise

      Enhance cardiovascular efficiency and regulate metabolic processes.
      Benefits: Cognitive Function, Positive Mood, & Lose Fat!

    • Organ Detoxification

      Maintain homeostasis and eliminate disease causing waste.
      Benefits: Vitality, Mental Clarity, & Remove Toxic Metals

    • Hormonal Balance

      Control your appetite, energy, fat storage, and thermogenesis.
      Benefits: Self-esteem, Stress Management, & Insulin Resistance

    • Gut Balance

      Control your cravings, energy, and boost nutrient absorption.
      Benefits: Energy, Mental Health, & Reduce Inflammation

  • What We Don’t

    High-Risk Weight Loss

    • Weight Loss Pill

      Tricks your mind into feeling full or limits nutrient absorption.
      Risks: Disoriented Appetite & Reduces Nutrient Absorption

    • Weight Loss Injection

      Suppresses Glucagon, a hormone that stimulates glucose production necessary to regulate low blood sugar.
      Risks: Unstable Blood Sugar & Liver Damage

    • Surgery: Bariatric / Liposuction

      Limits your nutrient capacity or rapid fat extraction leaving excessive skin.
      Risks: Infection, Malnutrition, Excessive Skin & Scarring

    • Diet Sugar Substitute

      Reduces sugar absorption but feeds bad gut bacteria.
      Risks: Stroke, Heart Disease & Promotes Bad Eating Habits

    • Appetite Suppressant

      Tricks your mind into feeling less hungry and limiting nutrients.
      Risks: Unstable Sleep, Depression or Anxiety & Nutrient Absorption

You are in good hands

Weight loss program created by experts

    • Carol Christian

      Regenerative Medicine Practitioner

      Certified Colon Hydrotherapist &
      Weight-loss Specialist

    • Dr. Rajaratnam, MD

      Urologist Medical Doctor

      Anti-aging Regenerative Medicine Certified

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