Anti-Aging Program

  • At California Wellness Institute, we believe in tailoring our approach to the unique needs of each individual. Dr. Rajaratnam starts with a comprehensive consultation, including a physical exam and lab tests. Based on his findings, he creates an appropriate program. Interventions included in the program may include:

    • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) – Using natural replacement hormones, BHRT corrects hormonal imbalances and reverses many of the symptoms that interfere with your wellness as you age. The benefits of BHRT include, reduced risk of osteoporosis, better maintenance of muscle mass, reduced incidence of hot flashes in menopausal women, improved mood and sleep, stronger libido, lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and more energy, among others. Learn More
    • Regenerative medicine – As the name implies, regenerative medicine supports and accelerates your body’s ability to generate new cells and repair tissue. Dr. Rajaratnam offers platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections and exosome therapy to replace damaged tissue or stimulate the body’s own repair mechanisms. Learn More
    • Detoxification – Everyone is exposed to toxins every day. Over time those toxins build up in your organs and inhibit optimal body function. Dr. Rajaratnam offers chelation therapy and nutritional support to rid your body of chemicals that can interfere with health and wellness. Learn More
    • Sexual enhancement – Many people experience decreased sex drive and sexual dysfunction as they age. This can occur due to physical changes, hormonal imbalances, illness or injury. Whatever the cause, the Dr. Rajaratnam offers a variety of treatments to restore your sex life.
    • Medically assisted weight loss – With the myriad changes occurring in our bodies as we age, it’s common to put on a few extra pounds each year. Over time these add up and can ultimately lead to new health problems, reduced mobility and lower energy levels. Using an evidence-based method, the California Wellness Institute team can help you lose the unwanted fat and improve your overall health. Learn More
  • Anti-aging medicine focuses on the detection, prevention, and treatment of diseases and health issues often associated with aging. The practice uses techniques designed to reverse the effects of aging and prevent future maladies, which enhances and protects your health.

    As you age your body’s ability to repair and generate new cells slows, which can increase your risk for a variety of diseases. Some types of anti-aging medicine aim to boost your body’s healing response, which slows the aging process. Additionally, the production of certain hormones decreases as we age, which can disrupt your health, energy levels, and quality of life. After participating in the Living Younger Program, patients find they feel better, stay stronger, and have more stamina.

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  • Anti-Aging Program

  • California Wellness Institute offers innovative, patient-focused, anti-aging medical care to help you achieve your ideal aesthetic and wellness goals.