Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) Treatment Service

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) Treatment

  • Eros Therapy™

    Enhance Sexual Response and Orgasms

    Eros is a revolutionary device designed to enhance sexual pleasure by increasing blood flow to the clitoris and genital area. By utilizing vacuum-induced clitoral engorgement, Eros aims to address female sexual dysfunction and improve overall sexual satisfaction.

    This innovative technology works by gently stimulating blood circulation, leading to heightened genital sensation. As a result, users may experience an enhanced ability to achieve orgasm and a greater overall enjoyment of sexual activities.

    Unlike traditional treatments for sexual dysfunction, Eros offers a non-invasive solution that focuses specifically on enhancing blood flow in the clitoral region. This targeted approach can yield significant improvements in sexual pleasure and intimacy.

    With its proven effectiveness, Eros represents a promising option for individuals seeking ways to optimize their sexual experiences. By promoting increased genital sensitivity and arousal, this device has the potential to transform intimacy for those experiencing difficulties with sexual function.

    The Eros is the only available and clinically proven hand-held medical device that was cleared by the FDA in April 2000. Since then, over 35,000 women have experienced the benefits of the Eros.

    Clinical studies have shown benefits that include: increased clitoral and genital blood flow which leads to increased genital sensation, ability to achieve an orgasm, and overall improvement in sexual satisfaction. In one clinical trial, 90% of women with female sexual dysfunction (FSD) reported an increase in genital sensation and 80% reported an increase in overall sexual satisfaction.

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    Eros offers a safe and convenient means of improving genital sensation and achieving higher levels of sexual satisfaction. Its ability to increase clitoral blood flow makes it a valuable tool in addressing common issues related to female sexual dysfunction.

    Overall, the positive impact of using the Eros extends beyond physical benefits to encompass psychological and emotional well-being as well.

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