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    OH MY GOODNESS 5 stars across the board, if I could give a million I would. Monica was thee best hydro therapist thus far. I have had a total of 2 colonics with her and I have already scheduled another.

    The first colonic I went to was NOTHING like the experience with Monica. She was messaging my stomach the entire time to get my bowels moving. She is the only hydro therapist, that I actually saw results with, and the results were outstanding.

    She also makes sure that you are a 100% comfortable. That’s a HUGE PLUS. I can not wait for my next colonic.

    Thank you so much Monica!

    - Tina Viramontes

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    Loved my colon hydrotherapy with Monica she definitely makes you feel comfortable during the whole process!! I also noticed more energy after words I had forgotten I did the hydrotherapy and was wondering why I had so much energy and after a few days of trying to figure it out I realized it was the colon hydrotherapy

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I recently had a 3-session clease with Monica at CA Wellness Institute for hydrotherapy and it was a good experience. Monica was an excellent provider, I was well informed, the whole time she was making sure I felt comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. Her expertise and professionalism truly made this a memorable experience.

    I have already recommended Monica's services to my friends and family and will definitely be returning for more sessions in the future. If you're looking for a top-notch colon hydrotherapy provider, look no further than Monica at CA Wellness Institute. H

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    Monica is truly a gem. She makes you feel comfortable and she is so knowledgable. My time with her flew by and I will be returning for my six month colon hydrotherapy.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    Thank you so much for your wellness center! My sister was battling a very aggressive cancer and was not able to filter out toxcins and use the bathroom. Did some research and found this place online! Monica is a beautiful person. Very compassionate, easy to talk to and really helps to make you feel comfortable from start to finish on and off the table. Amazing customer service, and bedside manner. I would definetly recommend her services.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I have had my first ever colonics done here and it was amazing. Monica my technician was very professional and made the experience comfortable. I’ve already been back twice and I feel so much better. So worth it!

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    As a 50 year old man on his first time Monica es inteligente y elegante. She made sure I was well informed and relaxed. I finished the process 9 pounds lighter. I chose the 3 treatment package and it was worth it

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    Serena is such an absolutely selfless, incredible person. She went above and beyond for me on several occasions when I was going away for a trip or was dealing with serious digestive issues before surgery. She always managed to squeeze me in and then always made me feel comfortable. She's trustworthy, and most of all just a really good, thorough practitioner. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs the pick me up with a personal touch

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I had a series of three colonics with Serena. I have never had a colonic before so I did not know what to expect. Serena was very professional and made the experience easy and was full of knowledge. The facility was clean and comfortable. I would highly recommend this service and Serena to anyone.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    Great service! Professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff. I've been to a few different places in town and this is my favorite. The facility is very clean, in a great location and parking is easy too which is a bonus.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I highly recommend this place. In the heart of Brentwood. I continue to use them for my health needs since 2014. They have helped me tremendously. I get regular colonics by Carol but I believe she isn't taking new patients, maybe your first visit. Serena, the other colonial therapist is good also.

    I have gotten Ondamned treatments here and they have helped me with my issues. I have had IV drip and ozone ear insufflation done here. They also do blood work and other treatments.

    Dr. Jean Raj, the medical director, is a great doctor for your needs. I have not had treatment with the acupuncturist then newly nephropathy Dr. Nefertiti but I believe she left in early October.

    The parking is validated in the building garage. The traffic here can be busy so plan accordingly. They also typically do an appointment reminder for you by text or phone.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I absolutely love the California Wellness Institute. Serena is the best, she did an amazing job with my ThermiSmooth facial treatment. After only two treatments of ThermiSmooth my face looks and feels great. Thank you Serena!

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I have been doing colon hydrotherapy for years. I have the best experience with Serena. She is very professional, courteous and caring throughout my procedure. I have been going to her for years and do not want to have it done by anyone else. Even though I live in The Big Apple and make it to Los Angeles to see her frequently. I strongly recommend you have your colonic therapy with her.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I came in for a colonic a few weeks back and can't believe it took me so long to write this review because this place deserves so much love! Extremely friendly staff (shoutout to the sweetheart Lindsay at the front!) who create such a healing and peaceful environment. Will definitely be back the first chance I get!

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I was recommended by my doctor to see Nefertiti for an Ondamed scan. I had used PEMF before as well as SCIO for complications with Lyme and Co's but this is way different and I think better! Ondamed scans your body for frequencies to show what's going on inside, from microbes to stress to closed meridians than they run a program to help clear what is found. Nefertiti was wonderful, explained what she would be doing, made me feel very comfortable and has such a positive attitude.
    The treatment is one hour, very relaxing atmosphere. I went in with severe gallbladder pain, migraines, low grade fever that won't quit, and Pcos/hormone issues. My first treatment was awesome my gallbladder/liver stopped hurting within the first ten minutes, I felt emotionally lighter and more at peace as well. I have now had four sessions and am grateful for all it's helped me with. I wake up feeling more positive and with less pain than I have in years.
    I just saw my Lyme doctor yesterday and she recommended colonics so I will be setting up an appointment here! They also offer ozone Ivs, acupuncture B12 among others! Its great to get so many of my treatments in one caring place.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I've been seeing Carol for a while now. I've been doing colon hydrotherapy, had some probiotic implants, and done a round of the HCG diet under her care. It's been a great overall experience and I highly recommend this place. Also, Serena is the new technician working alongside Carol doing hydrotherapy. She's amazing as well! Carol gets pretty booked up so it's great they've added someone new to see more patients. Serena is super sweet and makes you very comfortable as well. You should definitely book a session with her!

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    Colon hydrotherapy might be quite an unpleasant procedure, but not in case when it's done by Carol. She makes you feel comfortable right away, shares tones of useful information about natural methods of cleansing, jokes and laughs, so that you don't even notice the session itself. Carol is amazing, very intelligent and experienced, glowing of energy, life loving person and a true natural practitioner. The clinic is very clean and comfortable too.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    CAROL is THE BEST!!!!!!!! So delightful and mindful!

    I had a colon hydrotherapy with her twice and she was so kind and caring!
    I have had around ten colonics with diverse providers, and she was by far the most appealing one!

    The treatment was great! I felt amazing! Carol showed me some massage tricks and made me feel very comfortable! She also, gave me some "detox advice" and headed me instructions for a Liver & Gallbladder Flush (I can do at home). Though she sells some great protein shakes and other supplements , which she usually lets you sample, she does not attempt to enforce an extra purchase on you!
    She respects her customers and wants to provide the best service she can....even if you have a Groupon/ Living Social voucher.

    Due to the fact that I moved to Downtown LA, I have not been here for over a year now. But, after a bad experience with a different Colonics Spa, I am determined to return to the California Wellness Institute.

    Carol just transcends this vibrant positive energy....

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    The BEST if you're going to get an irrigation 😉 Carol will take care of you! She knows just about everything and is a wealth of knowledge in this area of expertise. And she's just plain awesome. She's one of the few places that does implants (probiotics,etc) and you'll notice that it makes a huge difference in how you feel afterwards. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

    Parking below, just get validated.

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    ohhhhh myyyyyy gooooooodness!!!!!!!!!
    This is THE REAL DEAL FOR HEALTH!!!!! I cannot express here enough how amazing Carol is!!!!!!!! She is highly informative, professional, intelligent, considerate, bright and cheery, kind, caring, and the list goes on and on!!!!!!! Her facility is spotless and so welcoming. I've never in my life been this excited about my health. This IS the place to go for colon hydrotherapy 100%!!!!!!! Thank you, Carol, for all you do for ALL of us!!!!!!

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    I can't even begin to say how wonderful Carol is. No bull shit, no beating around the bush gal, but at the same time she's the most fun and enthusiastic person who makes you feel right at home. She practices what she preaches and she's been living the lifestyle she preaches about for over 20 years. She's incredibly well-traveled (so much that I'm jealous) and knowledgeable about colonics and other integrative health practices. She made me feel super comfortable in a let's be honest, an awkward situation, and she always makes time pass so quickly with her bubbly personality.

    I bought a package of 3 after purchasing a Living Social deal and am continuing treatment with her.

    Her office and equipment is super clean. She is super clean and honest. You really couldn't ask for more!

    P.S. She validates so don't park on the street, it's cheaper to park in the building!

  • Lancaster Wellness Center

    Carol is the real deal. I've gotten probably 12 colonics in my life, and I can honestly say this was the best and most professional (and CLEAN!!) experience I've had.

    Carol, the owner, is passionate about her work (she does detoxes and hormone replacement therapy as well), and incredibly knowledgable. She's traveled the world amassing her wisdom for well over 20 years, and her excitement shows. She puts you at ease immediately and explains everything she's doing. She used acupressure and massage, and I felt so much better afterward. A little "drained" maybe (no pun intended), but that's normal for detoxing. After a coconut water and a walk, I perked right up.

    The facility is clean, bright, airy and well-equipped. Thoughtfully constructed by someone who's seen what works.

    The three-pack is a ridiculous good deal, and it will be money well spent. Prices might go up, but right now everything feels super duper reasonable, especially since this place feels so high end.

    I will definitely be trying their other services as well. This is going to be a special business, that really cares about quality and customer service, rather than just running your card.

    Oh, and they validate. 🙂

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